L.S. Edits



You'd like to have your text translated or corrected, without altering the essence. After all, copywriting is a whole different ballgame. That is why I find it important to safeguard your personal writing style.



You can contact me for Dutch to English or English to Dutch translations. Whether your texts are general or specialised, as soon as I see the text, I can tell you if I'm the right person for the job.

I am specialised in engineering and chemistry. In addition, I have solid experience in various other subjects, including regulatory frameworks, medical / health care, marketing, and tourism.



Your aim is to ensure that your texts are a proper, coherent whole. When editing, this is precisely what I pay attention to without altering the essential style of your text.



Proofreading is all about proverbially and literally 'dotting the i'. Even if your texts are properly written, have all the errors been corrected? When proofreading, I conduct the final review in terms of spelling and punctuation. I can also check your galley proofs to ensure proper hyphenation.